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Are online copyshops the right choice?

Today, technology makes it possible that almost everything can be done online – shopping, getting a job, playing games, receiving education etc.. The same is even true for printing and binding documents. In the past, it was copy shops alone that served businesses and students at local and regional levels. However, the print industry has changed and improved a lot. With the advent of online printing services, there is a whole new world of possibilities appearing where nothing is the same anymore. The present article will highlight the differences between copy shops and online printing shops, as well as present the advantages that online printing services have over conventional copy shops.

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Printing and binding: the final stage prior to subsmission

Having edited, plagchecked, formatted and proofread a thesis or dissertation, there is one last important step left to be done before submission  – printing and binding it. And even though the process of preparing the hard copy of the thesis might not score high on the list of worries towards the end of the write-up, it is still the very first thing that the thesis examiner will notice and therefore influence his first impression – and the first impression always matters. That is why it is very important for prospective graduates to be well-aware of and even double check the exact printing and binding requirements of the university to avoid some stressful situations later.
After they have a clear vision about how their thesis hard copy has to look like, the next step the future graduates need to take concerning the printing and binding of their thesis is to sort out whether they should go to the copy shop on campus (or any other local copy place) for the job or else use professional online printing services instead. One thing is sure when it comes to thesis or dissertation printing: there is definitely no room for compromises.


Online printer or the good old copy shop - what's the best fit for your thesis?

The final days before the long-awaited submission day can be very stressful. The academic paperwork needs to get done, fast. Time is ticking. When it comes to choosing a print vendor, most students face the dilemma as to whether to go for an online printing or stick to the old-fashioned print shop right around the corner. So how can students decide which is best for them? Before answering this question, we will first take a look at the main differences between physical and online printers.


The local copy shops – What are they and what do they offer?

Copy and print shops are those familiar places that can be found on almost every university campus and where hundreds of students go every day and often wait in line during busy days. The small printshops typically provide services such as photocopying, offset printing, screen printing, and binding. Going back in time, visiting a physical copy center or self-printing at home were the only options students had when it came to printing single documents and/or voluminous academic papers. However, today, thanks to the impact of the Internet, there are more options available.


Online printing services and theit main advantages over copyshops

In the last decade, online printing services have become an alternative to local offset print/copy shops. In reality, online printers or online printing websites operate just like the well-known copy/print centers with the main difference that they are in the cloud. Thesis & Me is here to provide students with this opportunity to easily order their academic documents to be printed, bound, and delivered. All they have to do to get the hard copy version of their thesis delivered directly to their door is upload the final .pdf version of their thesis or dissertation, and the set printing and binding requirements. Simple as a child’s play. 
The online printing services available nowadays offer many valuable benefits when compared to ordinary, brick-and-mortar printing companies. When it comes to choosing the best way to print and bind a thesis, it might be useful for students to take a look at all the advantages online printers have over local copy shops, and then make their final decision according to their priorities. 

•    Online printing services involve reduced printing and binding expenses
For students, price always matters and the main advantage of online printers is the lower prices students have to pay. Since online printing companies do not have a physical shop to maintain, they have lower overhead expenses and at the same time, they have a higher volume of work. Thus, online printing companies can afford to charge customers less than a physically-based copy shop. In fact, most of the time, students will be able to save between 30 and 60 percent of the printing expenses if using online printing (and binding) services instead of local printers, which is a great deal.

•    Making orders around the clock – No time restriction! 
Online printing services usually offer 24/7 ordering, which is pretty convenient. On Thesis & Me, too, students benefit from this service. At absolutely any time of the day or night, students and prospective graduates can go to the website and make an order easily online. There is no time limit to place the online printing (and binding) order, which automatically makes ordering extremely flexible. After spending so much time and effort on writing their thesis or dissertation, students can deal with the printing and binding task from the comfort and convenience of their home and leave the rest to the professionals at Thesis & Me. It is done through just several clicks, without the need of explaining anything. When using the online printing services on thesis.me, students just need to specify their requirements, upload a file, set a deadline, and choose a shipping method. The payment will be done online. This saves students long waiting hours in a line in front of the campus copy shop. 

•    Perfect timing
When using online printers, students just place an order and the online printing company will take care of the print and binding fast. Since order processing in online printers is automated, the job is done pretty quickly. Students no longer have to invest time and energy in printing and binding their academic papers. Doing the job in a copy shop, however, will definitely take longer. First, students need to physically go there during opening hours. After that, it might happen that other projects are being processed and taken care of, meaning that one has to wait in line. 

•    Delivered directly to your door – convencience at its best
After all the stress, pressure, efforts and time spent on creating that one fine piece of work, students will definitely benefit from the fact that they can receive the printed version of their academic paper delivered right at their doorstep. This can actually save them some valuable time. With thesis.me, the thesis/dissertation hard copy will be delivered to the student within 24 hrs after placing the order online. 

•    Excellent price/quality ratio
When it comes to printing and binding their thesis, students are always looking for a good price and quality. On thesis.me, it is guaranteed that the print job will be handled with high accuracy and efficiency so that students can rest assured their text will look very stylish and professional, just like it is supposed to be. What is more, all the materials which online printing companies use are of top quality. All this guarantees a finish that every student can be proud of. 

•    Custom design options available
Online printing services also offer different ways to personalize or customize your print jobs. In fact, most online printers, including thesis.me, use digital printing techniques that allow printing in whatever size and shape the customer requests. Students no longer have to compromise their ideas for the hard copy project because of limited printing options. With the custom design options available on thesis.me, students can mix and match different printing options. This gives so many opportunities for students to impress the thesis examiner with an interesting, creative and unique hard copy of their academic document. 

•    Variety of different designs and templates
Physical copy shops usually offer their customers a very limited range of designs and papers. Online printing services such as the one offered on Thesis & Me, on the other hand, have far more different designs students can choose among. In addition to the high-level printing options – in color or black and white – online printing service providers also provide various thesis binding and front cover options. The digital printing technique allows a large number of options.

•    Order previews make it easier
One main advantage of using online printing services is that students have the chance to see a preview, also called a proof print, before placing the order. A proof print is basically one single item finished as per the requirements set that will be sent to the student in order to ensure that the design looks the way it is supposed to look like before several print pieces will be created. In case there is something that is wrong or the student decides to change the design, it can still be easily done with no harm at all. Taking advantage of this ability could save lots of time and money and one will not take the risk of ordering hundreds of pages that are all incorrect. 


Bottom line

Using online printing services is a great, convenient way to save both time and money. After all those countless hours spent writing, editing and revising the thesis/dissertation, printing should be a prospective graduate’s last concern. Printing and binding a thesis online can take away the stress the would occur when doing the job in the local university copy shop or library instead, and save a lot of valuable time. Online printing service on thesis.me ensure that every student gets any print and binding project done in no time and at a very low price.

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