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We rethink packaging


Discover the world of our practical and sustainable packaging - it delivers what it promises. Packaging protects consumers and products. Our packaging strategy is guided by clear goals with a clear mission. It is characterized by minimal material use and maximum functionality. By applying the circular economy, we use as little packaging material as necessary and, in parallel, ensure a high level of recyclability.

Basically, we pursue 5 goals with our strategy:

• Safe & secure packaging that withstands a wide range of external & internal conditions
• Quick & reliable shipping ensuring on time delivery of your order
• Thick & sturdy recyclable materials that do not pollute the environment
• Maximum protection through additional precautionary measures
• A variety of packaging options that fit every order

What our packaging consists of

Sustainability and recyclability are important to us. With this in mind, we rely on using sustainable and recyclable packaging materials wherever possible.

It is an undisputed fact that the production of paper, cardboard and cartonboard places a heavy burden on the environment. This is because it requires enormous amounts of energy, water and wood, and it is not uncommon for toxic chemicals to enter waterways in the process. The good news is that the use of recycled paper makes it possible to significantly reduce this environmental impact. Water and energy can be saved on a large scale by processing recycled paper. By way of comparison, the production of one kilogram of recycled paper requires only about one-third of the water needed to produce paper from virgin fiber. In terms of energy consumption, it is 2.5 times less than for virgin fiber paper. But that's not all. Recycled paper also has a positive effect on the climate: Since long transport routes for pulp imports from distant countries are reduced, high Co2 emissions can be saved.

The use of recycled paper therefore has several advantages. It is environmentally friendly and resource-efficient, but also economical. Waste paper fibers can be recycled up to seven times. Particularly in times of rapidly increasing demand for paper in industrialized and emerging countries, global population growth and the ongoing deforestation of rainforests, the use of recycled paper is proving to be a significant sustainability factor for environmental, resource and climate protection. For this reason, we rely on packaging that is composed of 100% recyclable waste paper.

Our packing materials consist of the following materials based on the size of the shipment to be sent:

• Single ply board - 100% waste paper & 100% recyclability
• Two-ply board (duplex board) - 100% recovered paper & 100% recyclability
• Three-ply board (triplex board) - 100% recovered paper & 100% recyclability
• Multi-ply board (multiplex board) - 100% recovered paper & 100% recyclability
• Filling paper & Stuffing paper - 100% recovered paper & 100% recyclability
• Delivery bill & address label - 100% recovered paper % & 100% recyclability
• Delivery bill & document pocket - 100% plastic & 0% recyclability

Flexible and material-optimized packaging is crucial

Flexible and material-optimized packaging has a number of advantages over conventional packaging. Basically, they are characterized by four factors:

Durability: The stable and sturdy corrugated cardboard construction guarantees the longevity of our packaging. Corrugated board is a recyclable pulp product created from paper. It is created by gluing together at least two paper webs: one smooth and one corrugated. The corrugation gives the paper strength, which is why corrugated board is particularly suitable for the production of transport packaging. Due to their stability and durability, they can be used several times for shipping. In addition, they can also serve other purposes, such as storage or even creative purposes. A box that's sturdy enough to be used many more times over has radically different sustainability benefits compared to packaging that biodegrades at home after one usage. Reusability is a component of sustainability that allows a packaging product to have a second use and hence a second life.

Safety: Proper transport packaging from the outside and inside is a matter of honor for us. The special design of the packaging ensures that the shipment arrives intact. In this way, the resistant corrugated cardboard ensures optimal protection of your goods from possible damage and shocks during transport. In addition to the sturdy construction, further security protection is provided by tamper-proof packaging. This means that the packaging is designed in such a way that if an unauthorized person attempts to open it (by force), visible damage will occur, which the recipient will be able to detect when the goods arrive. For this purpose we use adhesive tape. When an attempt is made to remove this, residues are left behind which signal that tampering has taken place. To reliably protect the goods inside the packaging as well, we use modern stuffing paper. In this manner, we safely preserve the product from scratches and dust.

Versatility: Corrugated cardboard packaging can be used for a wide range of products, from light through medium to heavy. Depending on the weight of the goods, corrugated cardboard packaging with different number of flutes is required. The maximum number is three flutes. While single-flute or double-flute corrugated board is used for lighter and medium-weight shipments such as books or bottles, triple-flute corrugated board is used for heavier and more sensitive products such as technical equipment. The latter also serves as an alternative to wooden packaging and can withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. The greater stability of multiwall corrugated board results from several layers of corrugated board being glued together. Double wall cardboard, for example, is made up of two layers of corrugated board, with the two layers separated by a smooth layer in between.

Space-saving: Our packaging is exactly adapted to the shipment goods. Your order will be shipped in a package that perfectly matches its size and weight. Therefore, there is no room in the packaging for your book(s) to move. This way we make sure that the goods cannot be damaged by extra space, especially if handled incorrectly. Our cardboard boxes also save space during storage. As long as they are not in use, they can be stored flat or unfolded, respectively.

Three unbeatable packaging solutions for your thesis

Protective packaging to perfection! Vulnerable products need secure packaging! We focus not only on the careful processing of our high-quality printbinding products, but also expertly package your printed thesis and ensure it is safe and secure for every single order. For this reason, the protective wrapping of the packaging is crucial. We go out of our way to guarantee that the printbinding product arrives at your premises in impeccable condition.

A blue book in a carton pocket package.

The large letter box for individual print binding products

As the second largest letter format, shipping with a large letter box is particularly suitable for smaller consignments of goods such as single hardcover bindings or softcover bindings. Up to 100 pages of normal printing paper can be easily sent with the large letter box. At the same time, the large letter box can withstand a product weight of up to 500 grams. Thanks to the resistant cardboard, it offers effective protection against moisture and dirt. The special security seal and additional adhesive tape also ensure tamper-proof packaging.

✔ Sturdy cardboard
✔ Low dead weight
✔ Uncomplicated opening

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The flexible book packaging that adapts to multiple final theses

For hardcover and softcover bindings with higher page count, we use flexible book packaging. Their variable filling height enables optimum protection when shipping books with variable thickness and eliminates the need to use additional filling material. Consisting of single wall corrugated cardboard, book packaging offers a particularly stable and secure packaging solution. All-round edge protection protects against external influences such as impacts, thus ensuring that the shipment arrives intact. The tear-open perforation makes it easy to open without additional aids. Due to the environmentally friendly, recyclable material, the packaging can be disposed of in waste paper without any problems.

✔ Variable filling height
✔ Stable corrugated board material
✔ Circumferential edge protection

Books in an open carton box.
Open box with hardcover books and one book on the top.

The folding carton that safely transports numerous book copies

For larger orders, sturdy cardboard shipping boxes are used, which are protected from impacts by reinforced edges. In addition to shipping in sturdy boxes, we secure your printed and bound thesis with protective filler materials. By using box folds to lock the printbinding products in place, together with tape or glue to seal these corrugated wraps, your contents will be properly protected throughout shipment. The big boxes are lightweight and totally recyclable, and they provide ideal security for even the largest shipments.

✔ Multi-layer thickness & extended corners
✔ Additional padding
✔ Robust wrapping that is easy to open & reuse

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Safety Tape So Your Thesis Can’t Escape

We play it safe! While it is true that we always use suitable, reliable and proven packaging for every order, we don't want to leave anything to chance when packing our goods. For effective protection of the shipment during transport, we therefore additionally provide each shipment with the conspicuous red warning sticker "Caution Glass". In this way, we draw the courier's attention to extremely careful handling of the goods and prevent the shipment from being thrown. Because safety comes first!

✔ High adhesive strength
✔ Tamperproof
✔ Easy to attach

Red packaging tape with inscription.

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