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Top-Notch Bachelor’s Thesis Printing & Binding

The Bachelor’s thesis is the first big milestone in your academic career. It is therefore critical to submit a compelling final project in terms of content, shape, and design. For apart from its contents and form, the printing and binding of your Bachelor’s thesis also has an influence on your grade. If you want to impress and have an excellent result, trust to deliver high-quality printing and binding that not only matches your university's standards, but also makes a lasting impact. And to top things off, in addition to shipping your order to your front door, we can also send it directly to your university for you. You can select from shipping to your home address, university, or both.

Your thesis, whether soft cover or hard cover, will be created by quality and world-approved machinery. If you are worried that our high standards will cost you, let us convince you otherwise! We have made it our mission to cater to students on a budget. Money is tight and there are so many expenses, so we want to save your finances.

Discover Our 4 High-Quality Printing Paper Options

The task of assembling the book begins with the printing of the contents. Our printers use cutting-edge laser technology to print the contents on 80 (standard quality), 90 (superior quality), 100 (premium quality) and 120gsm paper (deluxe quality), guaranteeing that there are no spots, lines, or other flaws in your purchase. We next insert two sheets of 200gsm paper to soften the book and give it an exquisite appearance. The process concludes with the cover. This depends on your personal preference, but be sure that whatever option you choose, the quality will be top-notch.

Fast binding process without punching and gluing
Hard cover – linen look

Opt for a hard cover book and enjoy our most sturdy option with special top-quality hard cover binding and an optimized production process that includes ultra-secure clamp binding. Because we use modern and high-quality binding technology, your hard cover Bachelor’s thesis will be extremely durable.
The outer material of the hard cover thesis is a matte lacquered linen structure with a two-millimeter thickness that prevents fingerprints. The sturdy and dirt-resistant cover with a pleasant feel provides optimal protection for the bound material. The inside pages are lined with acid-free white paper. There are several color options available – Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux.
Hard cover bindings are made in A4 format and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets allowed per binding is 280. The use of cutting-edge, high-quality binding technology ensures maximum longevity.
And best of all? You do not have to wait and worry about meeting your university deadline. Hard cover theses are manufactured in short runs and shipped within 24 hours of order receipt.

Soft cover – transparent

Тhe technique for the soft cover is very similar to that for a hard cover, but is a more affordable option. It is made with a transparent front cover with a 120-micron film for an individually visible title design. Your soft cover thesis will be assembled with a back cover that is made of a durable cardboard with exquisite linen texture, which is 270 g/m2 thick. You can choose from multiple colors: Blue, Black, White and Bordeaux.
Soft cover bindings are manufactured in A4 size and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets allowed per binding is 140.
In this option the book is bound tightly and securely with the clamp binding technique. Soft cover clamp binding folders are time-tested, dependable book binding folders. They have an appealing look and may be utilized in a variety of applications. Less extensive binding items, such as term papers, essays, academic theses, or presentations are presented in their best light with soft cover clamp bindings.

Soft cover – spiral

Only top-quality materials are used for the preparation of theses with soft covers and spiral binding. The transparent matte front protects the binding's front cover while leaving no fingerprints. The back is made of strong linen board with a thickness of 240 g/m2. There are several color options available, namely Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux. A high-quality metal spiral holds the binding together and has a lovely white lacquer finish.
Soft cover spiral bindings are available in A4 size and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets allowed per binding is 125.
Soft cover spiral bindings are low-cost yet high-quality book binding covers. Because of their adaptability, they are widely valued in the university setting for printing and binding short academic papers, as well as for applications and other presentations.

Soft cover – design

Do you want to stand out and let your individuality shine? Our soft cover design option is the perfect solution for you. With a custom cover design, your Bachelor thesis is guaranteed to make a statement. It is up to you – select a classic or modern template from our website, or create your own custom cover. Our wide variety of cover designs includes Classic, Minimal, Abstract, Geometric, Dramatic, Elegant, Artistic, Monochromatic, Modern, Business, Lively, and Flashy.
This type of soft cover book is secured and bound tightly during a special hot glue process. Its pages are strongly pressed together, with the spine holding everything in place for extra longevity. For your convenience, we offer a satin finish that leaves no fingerprints on the cover of your Bachelor thesis, and intense opaque colors that make the book look amazing. We use laser printing technology to ensure that everything is precise. The cover of the soft cover design thesis is printed in 4/4 color and is 300 g/m2 thick. The thickness of the paper inside the book is 80 g/m2 and can be printed in black & white or in color.
In addition, can provide you with an ISBN number, which means that your Bachelor’s thesis can be sold and delivered worldwide to bookstores, libraries and customers. If your standards are high and you insist on quality, our soft cover design option will fully meet your needs.

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For your Bachelor’s thesis, we recommend opting for a hard cover, if you are going to submit it to a university, or a soft cover, if you intend to enclose it with an application. Still unsure? Use our calculator to receive a personalized offer for the printing and binding of your Bachelor’s thesis.