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High-Quality Printing & Binding Services For Your Diploma Thesis!


You have finally completed your Diploma thesis after many months of hard work. Much effort has gone into ensuring that your thesis is flawless. Your text is complete, but in order for your thesis to be absolutely perfect, you must pay attention not only to the content, but also to how it is printed and bound. But do not worry, because we will help you put the final piece of the puzzle together. Finally, once your thesis has been printed and bound, Thesis & Me offers you a delivery to your home, university, or both.

Your only responsibility is to communicate how you want your thesis printed and bound, and if you are unsure, we will assist you in selecting a design that will proudly represent your work. However, do not mistake the term ‘high quality’ for ‘expensive service’. On the contrary, our services are tailored to the financial capabilities of students, making them affordable.

Diploma Thesis Printing With Thesis & Me – 6 Excellent Reasons


✔ Up-to-date laser technology

✔ Custom paper selection

✔ Color print without additional costs

✔ Preprint data checking

✔ Free & fast delivery

✔ Discount codes

Quality Guaranteed – Check Out Our 4 Printing Paper Types


The process starts with printing the thesis content. Our printers use the latest laser technology, printing the content on 80 (standard quality), 90 (superior quality), 100 (premium quality) and 120gsm paper (deluxe quality), ensuring your order has no dots, lines or other flaws. Your book is then softened and given an elegant appearance by the addition of two sheets of 200 gsm paper.


  • Standard Quality 80 gsm Paper

80 gsm paper is an excellent choice for printing diploma theses. This type of paper has a smooth, non-glossy finish that reduces glare and reflections, making it easier to read printed text and graphics. The 80 gsm weight is also ideal for printing large documents such as a thesis. It is lightweight enough to allow for easy handling and binding while still offering a high-quality look and feel. Additionally, matte paper provides a professional and elegant finish to the final product, while also being less prone to fingerprints and smudges, making it ideal for long-term archival purposes.


  • Superior Quality 90 gsm Paper

Matte 90 gsm paper is also a popular choice for printing diploma theses. Its heavier weight and smooth matte finish provide an elegant look and feel to the final product. The paper's thickness ensures that the pages stay flat and smooth, making it easier to handle and read. The matte finish also reduces glare and reflections, which can make the text and graphics clearer and easier to read. Furthermore, its durability ensures that the diploma thesis will last longer without becoming brittle or yellowing over time.


  • Premium Quality 100 gsm Paper

Matte 100 gsm paper is an excellent option for printing diploma theses. This type of paper is thicker and heavier than both 80 gsm and 90 gsm paper, providing an even more premium and luxurious feel to the final product. The paper's extra weight also enhances its ability to hold ink, making it an excellent choice for printing high-quality images and graphics. Overall, matte 100 gsm paper is a top choice for printing diploma theses, providing a premium finish, excellent readability, and durability that ensures the thesis will last for years to come.


  • Deluxe Quality 120 gsm Paper

Our highest-quality 120 gsm paper is the top-of-the-line option for printing diploma theses, offering a premium feel, perfect readability, durability, and ink-holding capacity, making the thesis stand out and look impressive. This type of paper is heavier and thicker than the previous options, providing an even more luxurious and quality look to the final product.


Rely On Top-Notch Paper Quality


Using high-quality paper for printing a diploma thesis reflects the dedication and hard work put into the document, creating a sense of pride and accomplishment for the author. The final stage of the process varies depending on the type of cover you select, hard cover or soft cover.


How Much Does It Cost To Print My Thesis?


The cost of printing a thesis depends on several factors, including:

  • the number of pages
  • the type of paper
  • the type of binding
  • the number of copies required.


When you fill out your specific order requirements, you will receive an instant price quote for your finished thesis.


Thesis & Me Ensures That You Meet Your University Requirements


Meeting university requirements when printing and binding a diploma thesis is essential to ensure that the document meets the necessary standards and guidelines set by the university. There are several factors to consider when printing and binding a thesis, including color vs. black & white, single vs. double-sided printing, and the number of copies required.


  1. Color vs. Black & White: The first consideration is whether to print the thesis in color or black & white. This decision usually depends on the content of your thesis. You should consider it if you have any features that require color. Color printing may be necessary if the thesis includes color graphs, charts, or images.
  2. Single- or Double-Sided: The second consideration is whether to print single or double-sided. Again, the university's requirements often dictate this decision. Some universities allow double-sided printing to conserve paper, while others explicitly require single-sided printing. Double-sided printing can reduce the number of pages required, but it may make the text harder to read.
  3. Number of Copies: The third consideration is the number of copies required. Most universities require at least two copies, one for the supervisor and one for the university library. However, it is essential to check the specific requirements of the university to ensure that the correct number of copies is printed and bound.


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Secure Yourself Reasonably Priced High-Quality Services


If you are looking for high-quality printing and binding at a low cost, Thesis & Me is the right place for you. We will provide you with both, thanks to our high technology and professional team that will be happy to assist you in configuring your order. This way, your thesis will be presented with a professional design, so that nothing stands in the way of earning additional points for your final grade

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