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Expert Printing & Binding Services for Your Doctoral Thesis

You've been researching and working on your doctoral project for years, and now it's time to finish your doctoral thesis. As you've seen from previous degrees, the physical presentation of your thesis plays a role in shaping your final grade. You want to make your dissertation work look professional and be proud to submit it. But you're not sure who you can rely on to assist you with the printing and binding process while also ensuring your satisfaction with the end result? Don’t worry, because will help you complete that final part of your dissertation thesis in a professional, quick and affordable manner. And since we highly value your personal convenience, offers shipping to your home, university, or both.

Dress Your Thesis in High-Quality Paper

The printing of the thesis content is the first step in the process. Our printers use the latest laser technology, printing the content on 80 (standard quality), 90 (superior quality), 100 (premium quality) and 120gsm paper (deluxe quality) ensuring your order has no dots, lines or other flaws. With the addition of two sheets of 200gsm paper, the book is softened and given an elegant appearance. The final stage of the process varies according to the type of cover you choose. We offer a soft or hard cover for your thesis.

Benefit From Our 4 Cover Types at Low Prices

Hard cover

Choose a hard cover book to benefit from our most durable option, which includes a high-quality hard cover binding and a cost-optimized production process.
The hard covers feature a sturdy cardboard, which contributes to the high standard of quality that is our priority. The outer material is made of a matt lacquered linen structure with a thickness of two millimeters, preventing fingerprints. The insensitive and dirt-resistant cover with a pleasant feel provides optimal protection for the bound material. The inside pages have an acid-free and white paper lining. The color options available are: Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux.
Hard cover bindings are made in A4 format and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets per binding is 280. The use of cutting-edge, high-quality binding technology ensures maximum longevity.
Hard cover dissertations are printed in small batches and shipped within 24 hours of order receipt, saving you not only time but also the stress of waiting, which is especially important if you have deadlines to meet.
This type of binding is very popular in both the professional and private sectors due to its high quality, strength and durability. It is ideal for binding bachelor's theses, master's theses, diploma theses, state examination theses or doctoral theses, but also for documents, brochures, business reports or balance sheets.

Soft cover with clamp binding

The soft cover with clamp binding technique is very similar to the hard cover, but it is a less expensive option. It features a transparent front cover with a 120-micron film for an individually visible title design. The back cover is made of a durable cardboard with exquisite linen texture, which is 270 g/m2 thick. Blue, Black, White and Bordeaux are the available color options.
Soft cover bindings are made in A4 format and begin at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets that can be bound is 140.
Soft cover clamp binding folders are time-tested, reliable and proven book binding folders. They have a striking appearance and can be used for a variety of purposes. Softcover clamp bindings are ideal for less extensive binding products such as term papers, essays, academic theses, or presentations.

Soft cover with spiral binding

Soft covers with spiral binding are made of first-class materials. The transparent matte front protects the binding's front cover from fingerprints. The back is made of 240 g/m2 thick linen board. Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux are the available colors. The binding is held together by a high-quality metal spiral with a fine white lacquer finish.
We offer spiral-bound softcovers starting at 15 sheets in A4 size. The number of sheets that can be bound is limited to 125.
Softcover spiral bindings are low-cost book binding covers that are of high quality. They are highly valued in the university field for printing and binding smaller academic papers, as well as for applications and other presentations, due to their versatility.

Soft cover design

Do you want to stand out from your colleagues with a unique cover design for your doctoral thesis? We can provide you with a variety of modern templates you can choose from on our website: Classic, Minimal, Abstract, Geometric, Dramatic, Elegant, Artistic, Monochromatic, Modern, Business, Lively, and Flashy. Alternatively, you can prove your creativity by designing your completely custom book cover.
This third type of soft cover binding includes the process of securing and bounding covers tightly during a special hot glue process. As a result, the book is sturdy and long-lasting because the pages are heavily pressed together, and the spine holds everything in place for additional durability. We offer a satin cover, which does not leave fingerprints on the cover of your PhD thesis. In addition, the cover is 300 g/m2 thick and printed in 4/4 color. The paper has a thickness of 80 g/m2 and can be printed in black and white or color. To make sure that everything is precise and of high quality, we use laser printing technology.
Do you want to give your thesis an ISBN and elevate it to the next level? It enables your thesis to become procurable for bookstores and libraries all over the world. This will help introduce your PhD work to a broader base of readers.

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