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Have your Examination Thesis Professionally Printed & Bound

You have finally reached the end of your challenging studies with only one thing left to do: print, bind, and submit your thesis. The hard work is over, so it is now time to kick back and relax: will professionally take care of the whole printing and binding process for you and deliver your State Examination Thesis at your front door in no time! And because we put your personal convenience at the top of our priorities, we can also ship your printed thesis directly to your university for you. Benefit from our three shipping options: to your personal address, to your university, or both.

We know how tricky the financial situation as a student can be, so one of our main goals is to deliver top-quality services for extremely affordable prices. The machinery we use is state-of-the-art, setting the industry standard high.’s printing and binding services are the perfect blend of high performance and low cost. Let us convince you right away!

High Paper Quality for Excellent Printing

The process of assembling the book begins with the printing of your diligently-written thesis. Our printers employ cutting-edge laser technology to print the contents on 80gsm (standard quality), 90gsm (superior quality), 100 (premium quality) and 120gsm (deluxe quality) paper, ensuring that your order has no spots, lines, or other faults. Your thesis is then softened and fortified using two layers of 200gsm paper. The binding of the cover completes the whole process. Its type is a personal preference, but be assured that whichever option you select, the quality will be more than excellent.

Choose the Perfect Cover For your State Examination Thesis
• When in doubt, go for the hard cover linen look – we carefully place the pages into the cover that binds all the pages with a tight clamp, with the help of a machine with high pressing force.

The hard cover thesis is made of a matte lacquered linen framework with a two-millimeter thickness that resists fingerprints. The bound content is properly protected by the robust, dirt-resistant cover with a pleasing feel. Internal pages have acid-free white paper linings. Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux are among the trendy colors offered.
Hard cover binders are created in A4 format and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets that may be bound is 280. Maximum lifespan is ensured by the use of cutting-edge, high-quality binding technology.
We work swiftly, so you don't have to worry about waiting around for your order. Theses are printed in small batches and dispatched within 24 hours after order confirmation.

• Our soft cover transparent will last – the process is similar to the hard cover, with the exception that the top of the book remains transparent. It has a transparent front cover with a 120-micron film for a one-of-a-kind title design. The back cover of your soft cover thesis will be constructed of 270 g/m2 thick durable cardboard with a great linen touch.

Our beautiful color options include Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux. Soft cover binders are manufactured in A4 format and start at 15 sheets. The maximum number of sheets that can be bound is 140.
In this option your book is firmly and securely bound using the clamp binding technique. Soft cover clamp binding books have withstood the test of time, with an attractive appearance that is used in a number of applications. A soft cover binding is ideal for less complex projects such as term papers, essays, academic theses, or presentations.

• Most affordable option? Soft cover spiral – this type of cover has a transparent 250-micron density top and a 240 g/m2 colored paper spine. The holes for the metal spiral are precisely punched once everything is ready.

The transparent matte front protects the cover of the binding without leaving any fingerprints. There are several color options available, including Blue, Black, White, and Bordeaux. The binding is held together by a high-quality metal spiral with a beautiful white lacquer finish.
A4 softcover spiral bindings start at 15 sheets. The total number of sheets that may be bound is 125.
Soft cover spiral binders are low-cost book binding covers of good quality. They are commonly used at universities for printing and binding brief academic papers, as well as applications and other presentations, due to their flexibility.

• Stand out with an extraordinary soft cover design – Your State Examination thesis will shine with a personalized cover design. It is entirely up to you whether to choose a classic or modern template from our website or to design your own unique cover. When you choose one of our stylish cover designs, you can go for Classic, Minimal, Abstract, Geometric, Dramatic, Elegant, Artistic, Monochromatic, Modern, Business, Lively, or Flashy.

A specific hot glue procedure is used to secure and bind this sort of soft cover book. Its pages are tightly pressed together, and the spine holds everything in place for added durability. We provide a satin finish that leaves no fingerprints on the cover of your thesis, as well as powerful opaque colors that make the book seem fantastic. To ensure that everything is exact, we employ laser printing technology. The soft cover design thesis has a 300 g/m2 thick cover that is printed in 4/4 color. The paper within the book is 80 g/m2 thick and can be printed in black and white or color.
Furthermore, can provide you with an ISBN number, which indicates that your State Examination thesis may be sold and sent globally to bookshops, libraries, and clients. If you have high standards and demand high quality, our soft cover design option will satisfy your requirements.

Choose the Perfect Cover For your State Examination Thesis

If you are looking for high quality printing and binding at a low cost, will provide you with both thanks to its high technology and professional team who will be happy to help you complete the last part of your thesis. This way, your thesis will be presented professionally, allowing you to earn extra points on your final grade.