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Get Your Master's Thesis Printed & Bound In High Quality!


The Master's thesis is the final piece of academic work for your Master's degree. Apart from writing your thesis, it is also extremely important in what appearance you present it. But you have already figured that out from your Bachelor's degree, where you wrote a Bachelor's thesis. Since then, you are perfectly aware that the physical appearance of your thesis matters and could bring you extra points for your final grade. So don't make the mistake of neglecting the printing and binding of your thesis.

Thesis & Me will ensure that your thesis gets the look you want by printing and binding it in a professional and affordable manner. Because we know very well how to combine high quality with low prices. We will provide you with excellent printing and binding based on premium and high-end machinery. Once everything is printed and bound, we can deliver your thesis to your personal address, directly to your university, or even to both addresses.

Master's Thesis Printing With Thesis & Me – 6 Top Reasons


✔ Advanced laser technology

✔ Different paper types

✔ Color printing without extra charge

✔ Data checking service

✔ Fast & free shipping

✔ Great coupon codes


Nail Your Thesis With A High-Quality Printing Paper 


When it comes to printing a thesis, the selection of paper is a crucial aspect that demands careful consideration. The choice of paper can have a considerable impact on the final outcome in terms of its appearance, readability, and durability. Paperweight is usually measured in grams per square meter (gsm). The contents of your Master’s thesis can be printed on four different types of paper: 80 (standard quality), 90 (superior quality), 100 (premium quality) and 120gsm paper (deluxe quality).


When printing a Master's thesis, it is a common practice to use 80gsm paper because of its accessibility and inexpensiveness. Its lightweight quality makes it easy to handle and transport, and it is also suitable for double-sided printing, which can decrease the total number of pages required for the final product. This type of paper is widely used for printing forms, letters, manuals, and projects.


  • Superior Quality 90gsm Paper

A preferred option among many is the 90gsm paper for its sturdiness and thickness. Compared to the 80gsm paper, it is thicker, allowing for superior printing of high-quality text and images. Additionally, its increased thickness enhances its longevity, reducing the likelihood of tearing or yellowing over time. Typically, individuals utilize 90gsm paper for printing the inside pages of their Master’s thesis with a soft cover and spiral binding.


  • Premium Quality 100gsm Paper

The 100gsm paper is our premium quality paper choice. Opting for this paper type to print a Master's thesis can be an excellent decision. Its weight and thickness create a premium texture, ensuring that the document remains durable and well-maintained over time. Moreover, the added weight of the paper lends a professional look to the document. Additionally, the 100gsm paper is ideal for printing high-quality text and images, resulting in a refined final output.


  • Deluxe Quality 120gsm Paper

Thesis & Me also provides an exquisite 120gsm paper option, which will ensure the highest printing quality for your Master's thesis. Its additional thickness and weight produce a luxurious texture that emanates elegance and professionalism. Furthermore, this paper is exceptionally durable and robust, resisting wear and tear and ensuring that the final product remains in excellent condition for an extended period. What is more, the 120gsm paper is an excellent choice for double-sided printing and excellent bright colors.


Experience The Excellence of High-Quality Paper


Our printers use the latest laser technology, ensuring your order has no dots, lines, or other flaws. We then insert two sheets of 200gsm paper which serve to soften the book and give it an elegant look. The last part of the process differs depending on what type of cover you choose. You have the freedom to choose whether the cover of your thesis will be soft cover or hard cover.


How Much Does It Cost to Print My Master’s Thesis?


The final price for printing your Master's thesis is dependent on several factors, which include:

  • The type of paper selected
  • The number of pages
  • The number of copies required
  • The binding method.

Once you have placed your order and chosen your personal preferences, a final price quote for the end product will be provided to you.


Thesis & Me Is Here To Assist You In Fulfilling Your University Requirements


Before proceeding with the printing and binding of your Master's thesis, it is crucial to check your university's requirements and make sure that you comply with them. To ensure that you meet the necessary standards, there are typically several factors to keep in mind:

  1. Color or Black & White: Printing in black and white is a practical choice for text-based documents, whereas color printing is more appropriate for documents that contain images, charts, and graphs. While color printing can improve the document's visual appeal, it may also be more time-consuming.
  2. Single or Double-Sided: Printing on a single side produces a polished and clear appearance, making it easier to read and take notes. Double-sided printing, on the other hand, conserves paper, decreases the weight of the document, and may have a lower environmental impact. However, it may be more challenging to read and require additional effort to add annotations or notes.
  3. Number of Copies: Normally, students print three to five copies of their Master's thesis, but the required number of copies for submission can vary depending on your university's guidelines. Additionally, you may want to have an extra copy for personal use and another for your family.

Curious about what your thesis will look like? Check it with our 3D preview

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Master With Thesis: Student-Friendly Printing & Binding Services


Take advantage of our professional and high-quality printing and binding services at student-friendly pricing. Our expert team welcomes your questions and will gladly assist you in selecting the best solution for the physical presentation of your Master's thesis.

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