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Navigate through Thesis & Me with ease!

Don't know your way around Thesis & Me? This video will help you out. We guide you step by step through our homepage. From top to bottom. Find your way quickly in our menu bar & get to know the most important features. Watch now for free!

Welcome to Thesis & Me! With this video, you will navigate through our platform easily and in no time. Let’s dig in!




At the top of our homepage, you will see the “Order Within” clock, showing the time you have left to place an order for receiving the product on the date displayed on the right.

For any queries, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or by filling out our contact form. Both can be accessed through the icons at the top of the page.

Looking for a generous new customer discount? Try your luck and spin our Wheel of Fortune. Enter your email address and click “Spin & Win” to land a discount that you can apply to your order later.

Creating an account or logging in to an existing one can be done in no time through the “Log In” or “Register” buttons on the page's top-right corner.


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Moving on we have the Ribbon Menu with five sections. Explore each one individually.

By clicking “Printing on Demand”, you are directed to the order page, where you can configure your specifications. We show you how to do that in detail in a separate video.

If you want to know more about the printing process and options, choose “Printing Service”, where you will find important information about our services.

Explore all of our top-notch binding options from the “Binding” menu. Find everything you need to know about hard and soft covers in order to make the right choice for your thesis.

Want to polish your final product and make it stand out? Take advantage of our professional text editing services by clicking on the “Text Editing” menu and selecting any of the five text editing options.

The “Guides & Tutorials” section is the perfect treasure trove for anyone looking to get informed with fun. Our free study guide e-book series will help you learn more about studying in the DACH region. Use our thesis writing tutorials to make your studies easier and more efficient.




If you have any questions about our services and features, make sure to check our “Frequently Asked Questions” section which can be found under “Resources” at the bottom of our main page.

Still not able to find what you are looking for? We would love to help you out through our “Live Chat” feature. To start a conversation with us, simply click the orange bubble at the bottom-right corner of the page.

While at the bottom of the page make sure to check out our “Blog” for interesting articles on printing and binding your thesis the right way.

Follow us for more interesting content and great deals on Facebook and Instagram. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell to get the latest notifications from Thesis & Me.

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